Movuino was developed at the CRI based in Paris. This laboratory experiments and spreads new ways of learning, teaching, conducting research and mobilizing collective intelligence in life, learning and digital sciences.

Movuino is an open-source development platform dedicated to motion and gestures. Basically it’s an electronic board embedding sensors, microcontroller and wireless communication component. This platform gives to citizens, whether they are scientists, engineers, designers, artists… the potential to prototype meaningful ideas involving motion sensing in many fields of application: health, education, sport… and this in many contexts: research, industry, art…

Streamo and Movuina complete this device by offering visual interfaces making project prototyping easier than ever. It also integrates algorithms and templates coming directly from research activities in order to make them accessible and understandable to anyone.





10 DOF Sensors

Embedded motion sensor (MPU6050)

3 DOF accelerometer
3 DOF gyroscope
3 DOF magnetometer
1 DOF altimeter





Wifi & BLE


Add functionnalities to your Movuino by pluging shields such as GPS, digital/analog input/output, screens…


Embedded flash memory to store every data

Arduino compatible

Edit the Movuino firmware with Arduino using your own libraries to fit your application

Battery managment

Control and estimation of the level of charge of the lithium battery

Movuino Family


Do you know the sensors embedded in a Movuino than those of a smartphone? Streamo is an application allowing you to simulate a Movuino. Thanks to it you can stream the motion data like a Movuino does and visualize them directly on the smartphone screen. Very useful to quickly experiment an idea and to have motion sensing tools always at your fingertips, download it now it’s free!

Download it now


Movuina is a software dedicated to simply the whole Movuino experience. It’s compatible with Movuino and Streamo exactly the same way. With it you can set-up, visualize, analyze and prototype quickly to experiment your ideas as soon as possible and make them evolve. Leave your post-it away and start working.


your Movuino to easily to communicate with your computer


your Movuino to easily to communicate with your computer


your Movuino to easily to communicate with your computer


your Movuino to easily to communicate with your computer

Download Movuina

Download your templates here

Python 2.7
Processing 3
Pure Data

Demo projects